90 minute Tantra Yoga Experience
$99 + tip

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The private tantra experience features you along with a trained practitioner. The practitioner will guide you solo or with a partner through the practice of revitalizing the flow of sexual energy. Imagine the sensation of hot oil moving across your body, elevating your sexual energy to it's highest peaks. This is a nude experience.

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Tantric Yoga Experience
Alternative Functional Therapy

Holistic Sexuality embraces the definition of yoga.

The true focus of Functional Holistic Sexuality is to reach self-realization, where you are completely in touch with your body, your mind, and your sensuality. The Sanskrit word ‘Tantra’ derives from the verbal root tan, meaning ‘to weave’, or ‘compose’ through the use of different techniques or methods.

Experience a guided session of the art of touch and energy in motion. Either a solo session or joined by a partner The Tantric Yoga Experience is the most liberating synthesis of assisted tantric yoga poses and innovative bodywork to turn up the volume of sensations in body & mind. It is about letting go, deepening your experiences and allowing the flow of energy. Your life is a series of memorable experiences.

This is the physical side of  your yoga practice, ways to really get to know your body, and help you to feel comfortable being naked either alone or with a practitioner or partner.  

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Tantric Yoga Experience is designed to heighten feelings and emotions, experience sensations and open the doorways to greater awareness of the sensual self. Combining touch, breath work, yoga postures and sensory stimulation in a creative and integrative way. The goal is to free the flow of vital energy, fuel the mind with sensations and experience balance throughout the entire body. With a greater awareness of the pleasure of giving pleasure and the reason why we enjoy what we enjoy, relationships can become stronger, deeper and more connected. Book an Appointment now

Notice: The Fusion Centre is a private membership association. New Members are Welcome! A completed membership application is required before session begins. We offer complete holistic functional services for the healthy and Sensual Mind, Body, and Spirit. All services performed by Trained and authorized NAIC member Practitioners. We welcome members 18+ years of age regardless of gender, orientation, or relationship status. We do not permit alcohol or drugs in any session. We invite you to enter our safe judgement-free space, where we promote wellness, body positivity, connection, and authenticity. A place where strength, beauty, and healing touch unite.

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It is never too soon or too late to learn more about giving and receiving sensual intimacy and sexual pleasure. One aspect of Tantric Yoga Experience is to discover your true intimacy with yourself and your partner. We also focus on helping you to find your true inner union. 

The Tantric Yoga Experience features slow rhythmic compression, continuously flowing strokes, gentle rocking and pulling as well as deep flowing stretches working gently but deeply into the body, releasing tension and physical blockages to make room for pleasure and fulfillment. 


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