Desexualized Therapy

Sensual not Sexual

SEXUAL INTENT:  Please know that while some therapies are an intimate style of bodywork, and while gentle sexual arousal including erections and other sensations sometimes occur, our therapy sessions do not include intentional sexual stimulation, or sexual release. If you find yourself feeling aroused, we invite you to simply relax into the feeling, enjoy it, and allow it to pass. 

Please share any questions or concerns you have about this matter before the session begins. 

Full Chest and Breast Therapy

Within Full Body Wellness Focused Sessions

We are one of the few practitioners who offer to include the full chest and breasts within full body, wellness focused sessions for our member/clients. If you, like many people, are unfamiliar with this practice, read on....

We offer this special therapeutic option to all of our member/clients because many of us are getting less touch than we did when we were younger.  Our need for compassionate touch is high, while our sex drives tend to be lower than they were in our younger years.  Many of us no longer experience the high level of modesty that was common when we were younger. These characteristics make the full body massage particularly beneficial.

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