I work with the inexperienced to the recovering to the exploring to the adventurous. People of all genders, of all abilities, backgrounds, and body types.

Sometimes our feelings don’t always line up with messages we receive from the outside world. That mainstream box can seem so small! We work with monogamous and non-monogamous folks, those who are kinky as well as vanilla. We help couples recover from infidelity and strengthen their monogamy as well as guide couples who want to open up their relationships. We are extremely comfortable talking about intimate details and our clients benefit from our relaxed style and open-minded attitude. We will listen and be supportive 
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Solo Session Sensual, Not Sexual

You may begin your healing journey with the help and guidance of a therapist You might find yourself here at the reccomendation of a health professional. As a sex coach.  I can collaborate with your team along the journey. Sometimes it takes a village. Dependent on the intended outcome it may be time to fuse emotional and physical intimacy practices.  Some questions you may have, What does a sex coaching session look like?

1. What does a Sex Coach do, exactly?

A Sex Coach is a sexuality professional who acts as an objective guide, providing education and consultation for consenting adults to define and then actualize their own sexual goals. A sex coaching session is a private space within an allotted time where sexual concerns may be addressed at length between client and coach. 

I like to think of a Sex Coaching session as holding space for any concern related to why you may not be fully embodying your most sensual + sexual self. Which is hard as hell in these times, believe me. I am here to help!

Some other questions:

Do Sex Coaches have sex with their clients? (NO)

Sex Coaching is mostly talk-based coaching. we might, occasionally employ some Somatic or bodywork modalities where clothes remain on for the client and the coach throughout the session.  

I believe God created each us as sexual intimate beings .lThis is heart-centered work for me.  I am open to all kinds of individual stories, and I am particularly drawn to working with clients who are: Survivors of trauma.

Having mindful sex doesn’t mean it’s slow or vanilla. It could actually be whatever you communicate and have consent for it to be, whether that be rough, kink, BDSM, etc. But there’s a lot more communication, slowing down, listening, and boundaries. It’s curious and allowing.

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Coach/Client Relationship, Strictly professional, Sensual not Sexual

Beyond talk therapy, Dependent on your needs or desires  some form of Bodywork may be suggested. Practicing bodywork creates a connection a person's body and a person's sensual persona, focusing on creating a stronger, more meaningful connection.  I coach compassionate touch a powerful tool on your path toward true intimacy. A place of radical acceptance,  completely in touch with your body, mind, and soul. 

When we’re present with each other, when we slow down, we begin to notice many pathways to pleasure that are available in the here and now, and we can follow them - because we want to enjoy the journey together! Has it been a while since you’ve spent quality time together?

Do you find yourself  wanting more?

Do you find it difficult to slow down and make time for your relationship?

Do you find yourselves having the same routine sex?

Do you find yourselves avoiding intimacy for fear it’ll lead to sex and you don’t have the tools to find something in between?

Do you feel the need to refresh your intimacy and sexuality? (Not the same thing).

Have you heard that external tools can help improve your relationship and intimacy?

Do you wish to explore different forms of intimacy and touch in a safe and held space? Learn More:

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Come with Open mind.. open heart, Those that think outside the box!

What are the limits to my work?

Think of me as your coach. who wants you to win. My goal is to always add value to your life experience. You will always be in the decision-making seat for this experience. I will approach all therapeutic treatments from a trauma informed perspective.

Stage 1 is clothed work. You will never take our clothes off. 

Stage 2 We will build a team to include you, your partner, myself as coach, possibly a bodywork practitioner, and your therapist. We may include body image work, normalizing bodies, and even cuddling with your partner. It’s still platonic. Some clients blossom in this space.

These therapies are designed to build client self-awareness and skills in the areas of physical and emotional intimacy. These therapeutic experiences include partner work in relaxation, effective communication, compassionate touching, and social skills training. Each program is designed to increase the client’s knowledge, skills, and comfort. As the days pass, clients find themselves becoming more relaxed, more open to feelings, and more comfortable with physical and emotional intimacy. Open, honest, consistent communication between all team members is a fundamental ingredient of a successful therapy program.

We focus on stripping ourselves of these emotional masks in the interest of deeply healing our mind, body, heart and soul. embraced by your creator exactly, as you are and encouraged to make meaningful and impacting changes to allow for more freedom, sensuality and spaciousness in life.

Accessing your sexual powers is not necessarily learning new stuff, but to actually releasing old stuff.
 Receiving tools to develop a Authentic Intimacy in your emotional and physical relationships .Healthy and passionate sexual relationship with yourself and with your partner. Learn communication skills that lead to empowering and fulfilling relationships.

General knowledge about the orgasm  Increase potential for orgasm - How to communicate - creating empowering relationships.

Breath and yoga exercises to increase vitality, health, and energy. Awakening your sexual connection to yourself through compassionate touch and awareness practices.

Please feel free to share with me anything that might aid in styling your session.  Anything you say will be held in the utmost confidence and honoring.

 It will be a pleasure to be your guide on this journey as we cross the healing bridge towards self-love, body positivity, and radical acceptance. Open the door to our purist state of authenticity, kindness, compassion, and strength. 

These practices are available for individuals of all lifestyles that are in need of healing or in search of a deeper feeling of pleasure. Regardless of orientation or gender identity, we all deserve to awaken our inner selves

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Notice: Fusion Wellness Therapies is Self Pay. We do not accept or file insurance claims. Completed intake forms and photo ID is required to be on file before session begins. 
We offer complete holistic services for the healthy and Mind, Body, and Spirit. All services performed by Trained and authorized Practitioners. We welcome 21+ years of age regardless of gender, orientation, or relationship status..

We invite you to enter our safe judgement-free space, where we promote wellness, body positivity, connection, sensuality, and authenticity. A place where strength, beauty, and healing unite.

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