Yoga Instructor 200Hr, Thai Yoga Massage, Fitness Coach

Missy is highly energetic and enjoys teaching various class formats, while providing a wide range of modifications for beginners to advanced levels. She explains and demonstrates the purpose of what is being taught and how it will effect your body. Missy enjoys being creative during her classes with descriptive cues for execution of proper form for safety. Missy welcomes questions related to your session. She promotes body positivity and thrives in an environment where she can help others achieve their goals, while sharing a love and passion for fitness.

David Yoga, SomaVeda, Thai Massage
yoga massage, SomaVeda, Yoga, Naked


Yoga Instructor RYT200, Thai Yoga Massage, Meditation, Swim Instructor

Caitlin Elizabeth is a compassionate, creative and intuitive yoga instructor who loves building community through the healing arts. With 10 years of personal practice prior to becoming an instructor, Caitlin has explored and experienced many different forms of yoga which is evidenced in her teaching. Understanding that yoga is more than the physical Asana practice, Caitlin incorporates breath work, toning and guided meditation into her sessions to honor and explore the spiritual and multi-faceted nature of the practice. Caitlin knows the importance of adapting the practice of yoga to meet people where they are and enjoys the ability to curate personalized experiences during private sessions.  As a massage provider and level 1 Reiki practitioner, Caitlin Elizabeth engages her intuition to offer healing touch that is powered by loving intention.

David Yoga, SomaVeda, Thai Massage
yoga massage, SomaVeda, Yoga, Naked

David, BCMP, CTP, RYT200

Thai Yoga Practitioner/Yoga Instructor RYT200 /Master Health and Relationship Coach/Board Certified Massage Practitioner

Hi, I'm David as a Wellness Coach, 200 Hr. Yoga Instructor, and a Certified Yoga Therapy Practitioner I've found my life's purpose in helping others. It is my passion to share kindness, compassion, and love on this path towards self-love, body positivity, and authenticity.  

I have earned Certifications as a Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner from the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine. Awarded Board Certification by the American Association of Wellness Practitiioners. I've also completed training in Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi, Master Health, and Wellness Coach, and several other alternative holistic practice modalities.

While I have been trained and certified in several modalities of the massage arts,  I am not a licensed massage therapist.

Members say I am a passionate strong and intuitive healer with great hands, a nurturing spirit, and open heart. My purpose is to be a compassionate vessel for healing to all who are seeking. Our time together is designed to be therapeutic, relaxing, healing, and sensational.




Greetings!! I have been teaching Hatha style yoga since early 2014. A long time health and fitness advocate, I earned my 200 hour yoga teaching certification from Peace Through Yoga, in Indianapolis, IN. I was also trained in the Yoga Skills Kemetic Yoga Teaching methodology under Master Yirser Ra Hotep. I began studying Thai Yoga Massage Therapy in 2018 at the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine/ School of Ayurveda, a place dedicated to Native American and Indigenous religious therapies to educated the Mind, Body and Spirit. Here I earned my certificate as a Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Certified SomaVeda Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner. I am also a Minister of Sacred Medicine through the Native American Indigenous Church (NAIC). Additionally I holds a B.S. in Biology from Central State University and an MBA in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. I am passionate about sharing the amazing benefits of yoga and Thai massage therapy with everyone. I am known for my authentic, non-judgmental style. Currently, I teach beginners yoga and private classes online. I also offer in home yoga instruction and Thai yoga massage therapy.

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