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Yoga Therapist/Yoga Instructor RYT/Holistic Life and Wellness Coach/Board Certified Massage Practitioner/Certified Trauma

David is a Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Massage practitioner, and Holistic Wellness Coach. He loves to work with clients one on one because we are all so unique and have different needs, and he loves to really personalize the approach to them.

David graduated from the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine/ School of Ayurveda, a place dedicated to Indigenous therapies that educate the Mind, Body and Spirit. Also Certified as a Yoga Instructor (Gentle, Vinyasa, Chair, Gentle, Yin, Nidra, Myofascial release, Breath and Meditation guide), and Master Yoga Life and Wellness Coach.  

My purpose is to share the Love of God as a compassionate vessel for healing to all who are seeking. 




Yoga Instructor 200Hr, Thai Yoga Massage, Fitness Coach

Missy is highly energetic and enjoys teaching various class formats, while providing a wide range of modifications for beginners to advanced levels. She explains and demonstrates the purpose of what is being taught and how it will effect your body. Missy enjoys being creative during her classes with descriptive cues for execution of proper form for safety. Missy welcomes questions related to your session. 

Missy is trained in Martial Arts, Fitness Instruction, Group Exercise, Zumba, Body Pump, Water Aerobics Instructor, Yoga Massage, and a Certified Yoga Instructor (Gentle, Vinyasa, Chair).

She promotes body positivity and thrives in an environment where she can help others achieve their goals, while sharing a love and passion for fitness.


RYT 500/Reiki Healer

I am Andrea. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My husband is my soul partner. We lived in Brazil until 2015, when we first moved to Miami and, in 2020, to St. Petersburg, Florida.

I've been practicing yoga passionately for almost 20 years. When I moved to the US, yoga became my way of living. I found in yoga a way to support others and bring my contribution to this world. I am a certified and registered yoga teacher for children and adults. I am also a certified restorative, chair, and yin yoga instructor. I have been teaching yoga to children, teens, and adults for the past six years and have accumulated more than 750 hours of teaching experience. So here I am, doing what I love and what I believe can be so helpful to people find more joy and peace in life.

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