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Alternative Bodywork
Ancient Wisdom for Balance in Modern Life

Mission Statement
We will provide our member/clients with a true full-body multi-sensory and therapeutic experiences.

A new wave of Integrative Wellness, the art of touch and energy in motion. Our practice is the most liberating synthesis of Yoga Massage, Yoga, Nude Yoga Full-Body Massage, and Thai Yoga Massage Total Body Stretch are designed to relieve pain, rejuvenate, restore, liberate, and relax the body, mind, and soul. Each therapy session is personalized for you by a certified practitioner, as a practical expression of loving-kindness and compassion. We have created a safe private clothing optional space, that is judgment-free, nurturing, embracing body positivity, self love, and radical acceptance.

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Choose Your Wellness Path

At Fusion Wellness Therapies, our goal is to make wellness an enjoyable, individualized, and affordable process. Through simple, restorative, and holistic approaches, we support each individual on their wellness journey.  Draping is always at your discretion, cover to your comfort. See our draping policy. We believe that there are many different avenues to personal success and wellness, which is why we offer a variety of wellness services and programs. Below are some of the categories of services we currently provide. 


Fusion Wellness Therapies is a private membership association. Any therapy received is offered between members with informed consent. Joining a private membership association provides the freedom to make your own informed choices. We welcome all who are 18+ years of age. Please contact us for information on becoming a member.  Thank you.

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